Back-packing Trip: Upper Twin, Bridgeport to Crown Lake

On Monday, July 23rd, my dad, my sister Kara, and I set out from Upper Twin in Bridgeport for Crown Lake. It was about a 9.3 mile day with approximately 2,650 feet in elevation gain.

Kayaking on Mono Lake

When I first moved to the Eastern Sierra, I lived in Lee Vining. I enjoyed living near Mono Lake and observing it's unusual and ever-changing appearance. I had wanted to kayak among the lake's limestone pillars (also known as tufas) for a while now.

Back-packing Trip: Virginia Lakes to Return Lake and out at Green Creek

On Monday, July 11th, dad, Kara, Cade, and I set out from Virginia Lakes for Return Lake. We spent 3 nights at Return Lake and then hiked out over Virginia Pass and then down to the Green Lake trail head. We had left a car at the Green Lake trail head and then drove to Virginia Lakes to start our hike.

The hike out of Virginia Lakes (Hoover Wilderness) starts at about 9,850 ft and can be a hot one because the trail is pretty exposed most of the way. We got lucky and had a nice breeze the entire time and cooler temperatures. After hiking passed Blue, Cooney, and Frog Lakes, we started climbing to the top of Summit Pass (11,100 ft).


Oh, Christmas tree(cutting)!

It has become a tradition to have our Thanksgiving celebration in Bridgeport. All of my immediate family, along with Will's comes to the cabin for a few days of eating, skiing, eating, snowshoeing, and did I mention eating?

Matterhorn Peak

A couple miles in heading toward Twin Peaks. Matterhorn is off to the right out of the picture,
Last Saturday, my sister, dad, brother-in-law, and his friend set out from Mono Village, Twin Lakes, Bridgeport up Horse Creek trail head with the hope of making it to the top of Matterhorn Peak. Matterhorn is the tallest mountain in the Sawtooth Ridge at 12,285 ft. We started out at 7am and returned to the car at 7pm. 

Back-Packing Trip: Cottonwood Lakes to Miter Basin to Mt. Langley

At the top of Mt. Langley
My dad, sister, and I set out for this trip last Wednesday. Honestly, this was probably the least planned back-packing trip we've been on. We originally were going to start at Cottonwood Lakes and head towards Mt. Whitney and go up Whitney and then out Mt. Whitney Portal. We did that trip 5 years ago.  Then about a month or 2 before the trip, I asked if we could do something different. Dad suggested that we hike Mt. Langley just south of Whitney. That was the extent of our plans.

Trail Run: Three girls and four mountain passes

Section between Mono Pass and Parker Pass.
Today I went for a trail run with Jess and Mel. Before setting out, we thought it was going to be about a 24 miler- it ended up being 21.8. The longest I have ever ran at one time is 16 miles (and that was a few years ago). I have to admit, it made me a bit nervous upping the mileage that much especially when I knew the difficulty of the route we were taking. However, I accepted the fact that we would probably be walking parts of it- I could gut it out.

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